About IMC

Integrated Management Concepts Team

Mark Tillema - President/CEO

Mark Tillema is President and CEO of Integrated Management Concepts, Inc., a Southern-California software and consulting business. Mr. Tillema has over 30-years' experience in Earned Value management and software development, supporting firms who must be ANSI/EIA-748 compliant.

Mark was the principal designer of the DecisionEdge CloudEVM software development and consulting support around the product. He was also the primary developer of the Primavera Cost Manager product which has been used on numerous validated projects and he has led his team on a number of those efforts.

Ernie Gilbert - COO

Ernie Gilbert is COO of Integrated Management Concepts, Inc. Mr. Gilbert has over 25 years' experience in the software industry and is a student of leadership, marketing, and software UI.

Mr. Gilbert has managed the implementation of over 100 Emergency Response Systems worldwide in nine languages for Fortune 50 Chemical Companies. His experience includes more than 25 years' work in software design, quality control, and software distribution having managed both production and marketing for numerous new product launches and software upgrade projects. Having served in numerous executive positions, his former role was President of SAFER systems. He is active in his community, serving as 2012-2013 President of a Rotary Club as well as president of two charitable foundations.

David Mikofalvy - CTO

As CTO, David Mikofalvy has led the drive to move Integrated Management Concepts products to the cloud. With 25 years of expertise in software user interface development, he has guided the conversion of the entire IMC product line from desktop-based to an efficient, true cloud-based solution.

David joined Integrated Management Concepts in 2003 after selling his ownership in a software consulting company that he founded in 1993. The company specialized in turnaround of large software projects, bringing late/problem-ridden software back on schedule. His clients included Fortune 500 companies in industries as diverse as medical, construction, and manufacturing.

Simon Bracken - Vice-President Product Development

As Vice President of Product Development, Simon Bracken is responsible for the software development process, tools and cloud hosting. He ensures that development efforts are coordinated across diverse locations nationwide. Simon is the subject matter expert for our products' core algorithms, database, and data integration.

Simon joined Integrated Management Concepts in 2001 to work on the Primavera Cost Manager's interface and scheduling sources. He switched from a successful career in software and systems engineering within the Aerospace industry and has over twenty-eight years of experience in software development.

Bill Shiflett - Vice-President System Integration

Bill Shiflett is the Chief Solutions Architect with Integrated Management Concepts. Mr. Shiflett has 35 years of software design and development experience and is the key troubleshooting resource for all IMC consultants.

During the last 10 years, the majority of his work has been on the Oracle/Primavera Cost and Project Manager products with focus on automation and performance tuning. Bill has been a key player in systems integration work for most of the major players in the aerospace and defense markets along with many other Earned Value customers bringing together diverse systems into a single cohesive solution.

Karen Rose - Vice-President Professional Services

Karen Rose is Vice President of Professional Services with Integrated Management Concepts. Ms. Rose has an extensive professional services background including managing engagements and directing consultants to business development, customer relations, client communications, event management, and company operations.

Karen leads consulting teams in support of project management, Earned Value and system implementation efforts primarily focused in the defense industry. Karen has a solid background and education in Project Management and is an active member of PMI including a PMP Certification.